About Us

Stratford-on-Avon for Europe, or Stratford4Europe for short, is a local, cross-party, grassroots organisation which has campaigned for Britain to remain within the European Union.

Following the result of the general election in December 2019, Stratford4Europe will continue to make the positive case for the European Union in order to show what leaving the EU really means for the people of Britain in terms of both our economy and national security. We shall use fair and honest argument to scrutinise the actions of the government and hold it to account if promises made at election time are not kept. We shall campaign for Britain to stay as close as possible to European norms of liberal democracy, including protection of citizens’ rights and workers’ rights, regulation to protect standards for consumers and for the environment, and respect for institutions including the judiciary.

Stratford4Europe consists of a Steering Group, which is always open to new members. We have a wide range of ages and backgrounds but share in common the fact that we are all citizens with a deep concern that the future of this country will be severely damaged by it leaving the EU. We shall continue to campaign closely alongside other groups and individuals who share our aims and are campaigning for the same objectives.

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