Update from “Brexit: Is it worth it?” National Bus Tour

The Is it worth it? campaign was launched as an online crowdfunding appeal in December 2017, initiated by local non-party grassroots group Camden for Europe.  Over 600 ordinary people from around the UK donated a total of over £16,000 to make it possible.

Charles Sleaford, organiser and crowdfunder, reported:

“The main aim was to get media coverage and we achieved:

  • 6 national TV programmes
  • 18 national newspaper and on-line stories
  • 9 regional and local TV and radio programmes
  • 21 regional and local newspaper and on-line stories
  • 7 international TV and radio programmes
  • 6 international newspaper and on-line stories

“We drove 1,700 miles over 8 days and visited a total of 29 towns and cities, 15 of which were remain voting and 14 leave voting. We had over 100 speakers, including MPs from four parties (Labour, Lib Dems, SNP and Green), actors (Sir Patrick Stewart), nurses, doctors, business people, trade unionists, students and many more. We had Leave voters who had changed their mind and we had Leave voters who had not changed their mind.  We worked with 27 other groups to organise this.”

Stratford4Europe were proud to welcome the bus alongside long time Stratford-upon-Avon resident, David Bradley. The bus then made its way to Shipston and Alcester, before heading down to Oxford.

For the full story, see the Stratford Herald.

Faux BoJo and David Bradley ask, “Brexit. Is it worth it?”

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