Terms of Reference

Stratford-on-Avon For Europe Terms of Reference

1. Aims and Objectives

Stratford-on-Avon For Europe (hereafter referred to as ‘Stratford4Europe’) is a not for profit, independent, cross-party, grass-roots organisation campaigning for Britain to play a leading role within a strong European Union. Stratford4Europe’s campaign will seek to:

(a) make the positive case for Europe and Britain’s continued membership of the European Union through the use of truthful, balanced and honest argument;
(b) uphold and promote the long established, shared values of diversity, tolerance and fairness as well as defend the principles of social justice, the rule of law and respect for human rights including the rights of persons belonging to minorities;

2. Activities

Stratford4Europe may do all such things as may reasonably advance its aims including, but not limited to:

  • Informing public opinion about Europe and the European Union and developing, publicising and carrying out events, policies and proposals in accordance with its aims.
  • Presenting for discussion the positive case for Europe and the UK’s continued membership of the European Union and related issues with various sectors of the local and regional economy, local and national government and members of the public.
  • Campaigning to make the positive case for the European Union in order to show, through the use of fair and honest argument, what leaving the EU will really mean for the people of the UK in terms of all aspects of our everyday lives including, but not limited to,  jobs, public services, the economy and national security.
  • Organising meetings, talks, conferences and other events aimed at furthering the aims of Stratford4Europe.
  • Developing a digital and media strategy to achieve its aims.

3. Structure

Stratford4Europe consists of its supporter base hereinafter referred to as “the supporters”, and the members of the Steering Group, hereinafter referred to as “the members”. Membership of the Steering Group is encouraged and available to any supporters who support Stratford4Europe’s Aims & Objectives and who are willing to take an active role in its activities.

4. The Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for implementing the aims of the organisation and the decisions and policies and for presenting its planned projects. The Steering Group shall, through the Treasurer, be responsible for the financial administration of Stratford4Europe and will be responsible for ensuring that the Annual Accounts are prepared and circulated for their consideration and approval at the annual Open Meeting.

a)  The Chair

b)  The Deputy Chair

c)  The Treasurer

d)  The Secretary

e)  The Digital & Media Officers

f)  Liaison Officers (Britain for Europe, European Movement, EDIC)

g)  Campaigns and Events Officers

h)  Any other officers as may be deemed necessary by the members from time to time.

5. Annual Open Meeting

Stratford4Europe will hold an open meeting every twelve months where both the members and supporters of Stratford4Europe will be able to attend and participate. Voting rights will be restricted to the members. Notice of the meeting is to be given to both the members and supporters at least one month in advance of the meeting with the Agenda being circulated by the Secretary to both parties at least one week in advance with minutes produced and similarly circulated. The Annual Meeting’s aims are to:

  • Receive and approve the Treasurer’s Report
  • Receive and approve the Chair’s report on the previous 12 months activities including membership and supporters numbers
  • Discuss and agree the key objectives for the ensuing 12 months to Review and where necessary amend the Terms of Reference
  • Review and/or appoint Steering Group Officers

A summary of the Annual Meeting’s minutes will be published on Stratford4Europe’s website.

The officers of the Steering Group are appointed by the Steering Group, such appointments being subject to review at the Annual Meeting as detailed hereinafter. The Steering Group meets monthly, normally on the first Monday of each month. The Steering Group’s officers shall comprise, but not be limited to:

Amended at the Steering Group Meeting on Monday 5th March 2018.

You may download a copy of Stratford4Europe’s Terms of Reference here.