Sign the ‘People’s Vote’ Petition to Stratford District Council


Please sign our e-petition to Stratford District Council urging the Council to support a ‘People’s Vote’ on any final Brexit deal which includes an option for the United Kingdom to remain a full member of the European Union.

With the government’s negotiations with the EU in chaos and news that any Brexit deal will be damaging to the economy of the Stratford District and this country, now is the time when we need to be urging our local politicians to act in the best interests of the people who live and work in the District.

1,000 signatures will enable Stratford4Europe to present the case for a ‘People’s Vote’ to a full meeting of the Council, but we only have until the 30th of November 2018 to do it!

Full details of the e-petition along with details of how to sign it electronically are on the Council’s website. Search for: Stratford-on-Avon District Council ePetitions. You may need to register first which takes just a few minutes.

You can also access it via this link: Petition to Stratford Council

Please note: anyone who who lives/is a home owner/is a business owner/works/studies in the District, including under 18s, can sign the petition.

In other words please get members of your family, friends and colleagues at work to sign it!

Please help us to strike a blow for local democracy by supporting this petition and putting pressure on our elected representatives to put the best interests of the Stratford District first.

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