S4E Street Stall Survey – Focus On The NHS

On Saturday, November 11th, nearly three hundred members of the public were asked the following questions:

  1. How did you vote in the EU referendum?
  2. How would you vote now?
  3. Is Brexit turning out better or worse than you expected?
  4. Do you think that Brexit will help or harm the NHS?

The results gave the following headlines:

  • Compared to voting at the time of the referendum to now there was an overall swing from Leave to Remain of 14% net. Were this to be replicated nationally it would reverse the EU referendum result 52% to 48% in favour of Remain. This is in line with the latest national public opinion polls.
  • This swing was made up of 16 Leavers who said they would now vote Remain and 1 Remain voter  who said they would now vote Leave.
  • When asked about how Brexit was turning out, Leavers were divided between 43.6% who said it was as expected compared to a significant 40.0% who felt it was worse. This compared to 34.0% of Remainers who felt it was as expected and 61.1% who felt it was worse.
  • There was a stark difference in opinion on whether Brexit would help or harm the NHS. Of Leavers, 49.1% felt it would help the NHS while 20.9% felt it would harm it. Of Remainers, 3.5%, also felt it would help the NHS but the vast majority of Remainers, 85.4%, felt it would harm it.
  • Quite a number of people, who said they would still vote to Remain, were of the opinion that Brexit was a done deal and were pleasantly surprised when they were told that this was not necessarily the case and that Article 50 was revocable as confirmed by Lord Kerr, the person responsible for drafting it.

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