S4E Launch Welcomes A C Grayling


On 1st March, 2017, Stratford4Europe received a fantastic launch when more than 200 people came to hear an address by Professor A.C. Grayling, a well known academic and writer who campaigns against Brexit. He often contributes well-researched articles to ‘The New European’ newspaper but on this occasion he came to Stratford to explain his views in person.

He told us why the referendum did not give the government a legitimate mandate to take Britain out of Europe. He said the electorate was gerrymandered to exclude many who might have been expected to vote Remain, such as 16-17 year olds, non- British EU nationals living in the UK, and certain British expats abroad. He told us that the referendum bill in Parliament had clearly defined the outcome as advisory, not mandatory, so the government should not have taken the foolish and damaging course of leaving the EU, a course which he described as ‘like separating conjoined twins who are joined at the brain’. He also pointed out that the ‘Leave’ campaign did not win by a sufficient majority of voters or with a sufficient turnout to support constitutional change of such magnitude. Significant threshholds would normally be expected for such matters.

Most of all, he urged us not to give up our hopes and desires for keeping our country in the EU, for remaining European citizens and for supporting the European ideal. ‘Keep writing letters and persuading people to change their mind!’ was his parting message.

We all felt much cheered by his visit and more determined than ever to keep campaigning against being hustled out of Europe against our will.

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