Revoke Article 50! Petition

Are you aware of the petition to Revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit which is causing a world-wide sensation?

This official petition to Parliament was launched just four days ago and is the fastest growing petition in history with over FIVE MILLIONsignatures in just a few days and with the number still rising!

Andrea Leadsom MP, Conservative Leader of the House of Commons and hard-line Brexiter, dismissed it when it reached 1 million and said that it would need to reach 17+ million for her to take notice.

Now if that isn’t a great incentive to sign and share with everyone you can think of what else is?

Please add your signature and share with anyone you think would be willing to sign.  It only takes a few seconds.  You can access the petition by clicking here

Please note that Under 18’s can also sign as well as all British citizens (this includes British citizens living abroad) and all UK residents, regardless of nationality – you DO NOT have to be a British Citizen to sign.

It looks like we are due yet another tumultuous week in parliament.  With no time left, the government and country divided and with no plan, the country needs time to work out what it is it actually wants.

So while some find revocation unpalatable, it is certainly preferable to a ‘no deal exit’ and allows us time to revisit Brexit if there is ever a workable plan with a consensus.

You may like to know that there is another version of the petition which shows the rate per minute of the signings as well as the total number of signatures in each constituency in percentage order.  You can access this extremely useful campaigning tool by clicking here

And finally, and this is mesmerising, there is a real time update of the signatures which are currently being added at 490 a minute!  To see for yourself just  click here

Please share with friends, family, colleagues and anyone you can think of and let’s get the petition to 17 Million by the end of the week.

With huge thanks as ever,

The Stratford4Europe Team