Privacy Policy

Stratford4Europe, (“The Group”), respects the privacy of individuals with whom we come in contact and realises the importance that of keeping personal information secure. Personal data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, and other regulations including European regulations.

Stratford4Europe and personal information. We will:

  • only hold personal information if it is lawful to do so
  • ask consent before we obtain personal information from you
  • only hold the minimum that we need for the purposes of the group
  • delete/destroy personal information when (a) it is out of data or no longer needed by the group or (b) when an individual request us to delete it
  • store personal information securely.
  • not share personal information with any outside agencies or third parties. The only exception is when we specifically obtain your consent to send your name and email address to a named third party for a specific, named purpose.
  • respond to any request by an individual to see any personal information held about them in a timely way.


Definition – This covers all personal information collected by The Group (specifically names and email addresses)
Steering group member responsible – Sally Bigwood
Review period – June 2020 (or, upon the acquisition of a website should this occur)
Breaches of this policy – Should be reported to the Steering Group
Disclosure – Individual requests to see their personal data should be made to the chairman and will be dealt within 14 days.


  • The group is not presently required to register with the Information Commissioner.
  • Password protect your PC and other devices to protect personal data; use a strong password.
  • When emailing to several individuals, in the “TO” box put your own email address. The intended recipients should be emailed under “BCC” only.
  • When responding to an email, only respond to the people (usually just the sender) who need to know your reply. Please use “Reply to All” sparingly.
  • At this moment (April 2018) the only personal data stored by the group is names and email addresses. Individual members may also have the names and email addresses of (some) members or supporter of THE GROUP, but this will only be with individual consent.