Postcard Campaign

Wish EU were here!

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Stratford4Europe are committed to making the positive case for EU membership. Our aim is to sway public opinion through the use of honest argument in order to persuade Parliament to act for the best interests of the people of this country. Ultimately, we believe this means by MPs voting in any final decision for Britain to remain in the European Union.

The Stratford4Europe media team have created a series of postcards designed to highlight the positive benefits of EU membership. The first two holiday theme cards wrote home about roaming charges (none!) and clean beaches (thanks to EU directives).

We are raising money to cover the printing costs of a series of 6 cards, 10,000 of each card being hand delivered by volunteers across the Stratford-on-Avon constituency this summer.

The images are bright, sunny and optimistic; the reverse explains the theme and message behind the photo. Stratford4Europe contact details are given as well as the strapline “Lead it, don’t leave it.”

As you know, Stratford4Europe raise funds through holding free events and asking for donations. We do not receive any funding from outside parties or bodies. Please chip in whatever you can!

£8.25 will buy us 500 cards

£16.50 will buy 1,000!

If you’d like to sponsor a whole drop of 10,000 cards, it’s just a bit over the cost of a ferry trip to Calais at £165.00…

If you want further information or would like to help deliver, email us on!

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