InFacts’ Hugo Dixon: Stop Brexit!

InFacts is a website ( which was set up by founder-editor Hugo Dixon to make the fact-based case against Brexit. It presents a daily analysis of political statements and events debunking the lies and hypocrisy of the Brexit arguments as well as acknowledging any parts which are true.

In a sign of the changing tide of public opinion, InFacts has now changed its logo to include the words “Stop Brexit”. Hugo Dixon explains why:

Dear Reader

We have updated our mission. This is now to stop Brexit.

We’ve done this because even a soft Brexit is far worse than staying in the EU. There’s also now a real chance of stopping Brexit.

Not that this is going to be easy. Both the Tories and Labour are still committed to take us out of the EU – and we don’t have much time.

But we do have the strongest arguments, reality is biting and the government is on the run.

We’ve never thought facts alone will win the Brexit debate. But populist politicians can’t avoid reality for ever. Our role, as a journalistic enterprise, is to make the fact-based case against Brexit.

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Hugo Dixon

You can hear Hugo Dixon in Stratford-upon-Avon on Wednesday 8th November – see our events page.

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