General Election 2019 Statement

In brief, recognising that the 2019 general election may now be our only chance of keeping the UK in the EU, we have taken the decision to urge our supporters to follow the combined tactical voting evidence from three pro-remain websites: People’s VoteBest for Britain and Remain United.  

The current advice from these is that the best chance we have of electing a pro-remain candidates in Stratford and our nearest neighbouring constituencies is to vote for:

  • Dominic Skinner (Liberal Democrat) in Stratford-on-Avon
  • Matt Western (Labour) in Warwick and Leamington
  • Richard Dickson (Liberal Democrat) in Kenilworth & Southam 

We are not asking you to change your allegiance to any particular party but instead to ‘lend your vote’ to help stop a Conservative majority which, if achieved, will result in a damaging and destructive Brexit.   Our priority must be to stop Brexit at all costs!  

As well as campaigning in Stratford we recognise the importance of the local ‘marginal’ seats and so will also be supporting the campaigns in our neighbouring seats, particularly Warwick & Leamington as it has been identified by the People’s Vote campaign as one of the top 100 target seats.

With a general election now underway we are currently appealing for contributions towards our election campaign.  If you would be willing to make a one-off donation or set up a direct debit please CLICK HERE. Every donation, however large or small, will go 100% towards funding our campaign.  Enormous thanks to everyone who has already contributed.

This election will decide the future of this country for generations. We need everyone’s help. Sign up to our Supporters newsletter for updates on events and campaign activities.

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