Campaign Activity Update – October 2017

Newsletter October 2017

Stratford for Europe – the story continues

Our newsletter in June 2017 described the formation of our group and the activities we were engaged in to campaign against Brexit. Things have moved on! We have had fantastic public support from across our area, as you can see from the figures below:

  June October
Facebook 221 followers 361 followers + 340 likes
Mailing list 315 460
Twitter followers 293 690


Our Facebook editorial team are now posting to Brighton, Bristol, Cornwall, Cardiff, Banbury, Warwick and Cheltenham with some 3,500 followers of what they are posting. This wide network is helping us to support Jolyon Maugham QC , Director of the Good Law project, to prepare witness statements for a challenging legal case. He is bringing an action against David Davis to obtain the secret Brexit studies and the 50 reports that Davis refuses to publish, so much research is required.

As well as building up our own supporter group, we’ve helped other groups nearby and we’ve held our first regional meeting to bring all the local groups together – no less than 9 groups came along, with additional representation from the European Movement. We plan to continue these meetings on a regular basis so that we can benefit from each others’ experience and co-ordinate our activities.

We’ve been out and about too, in fact the autumn started with a coachload of supporters going to the anti-Brexit march in London, then the party conference season saw us busy with trips to Brighton (Labour) and Manchester (Conservative) where we participated in a large rally and march past the conference centre. We supported the European Movement’s Action Day in Birmingham too – a bit closer to home. Also in Birmingham, several of our group attended the Brexit Business Debate with Sir Keir Starmer MP, and were able to question him on Labour party policy.

At District Council level, we’ve been successful in support of a motion calling for European citizens’ rights to be protected in Stratford, albeit with amendments. We’ve also hosted two speakers in Stratford recently:  Jon Danzig who entertained and informed us with a history of Britain’s relations with the European Union in all its incarnations, and Neena Gill , a Labour MEP for the West Midlands Region who gave us an insight into the view from the European Parliament. (This meeting was organised by the local Labour party). Both were well attended with vigourous  Q&A sessions which showed how keen the audience were to hear more.

Next up:

A group of us will be attending the Mass Lobby of Parliament in October which has been organised by Britain for Europe. We’ve arranged meetings there with the MPs for our catchment area so that we can put our views on Brexit (and question them on theirs).

We have lined up a rolling programme of speakers starting with Hugo Dixon from In-Facts in November, Sir Peter Kendal in January and others in the pipeline for the New Year.

We shall be holding action days with a street stall on every second Saturday in each month commencing 11th November, when we will have an opportunity to repeat our surveys to gauge the public mood on Brexit.

We’ll have the second regional meeting of local groups, followed by an informal AGM for all our supporters and those interested in finding out more about S4E. Somewhere in the mix will be some Christmas cheer, specially since we feel that the tide may be turning against Brexit.

Don’t forget:

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.

That’s us.

Judy Mason

Contact details:


Email:  stratford4europe@gmailcom

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