Autumn Update from Stratford4Europe

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Cropedy Festival Success!

In mid-August, members of Banbury4Europe and Stratford4Europe held a People’s Vote event at the Cropredy music festival which was a storming success. We managed to distribute around 1,400 “Bollox to Brexit” stickers, 500 People’s Vote leaflets and 200 MPs post cards, with 450 names on the Peoples Vote petition. The verdict: ‘What a brilliant day it was, the best ever Peoples Vote day out’.

Stratford4Europe’s Day of Action

We had an excellent street stall in Stratford on Saturday 29th September, focussed on the People’s Vote. The Brexometer was very popular, and the result overwhelmingly for a People’s Vote on the Final Deal.

Stratford4Europe on Tour!

Members of Stratford4Europe have been travelling up and down the country to the various party conferences, protests and rallies. We heard from our attendees at the Conservative conference that
Anna Soubry was the highlight in Birmingham.

We supported the March and Rally that took place at the time, police confirmed a turnout of 12,000 (not all from S4E, obviously). And one of the team even made the sacrifice of going to hear Nigel Farage address the faithful at a rally organised by ‘Leave means Leave’, although apparently the content consisted entirely of the faithful shouting back slogans delivered by the speaker, with much US-style razzmatazz. The theme was ‘We have all been betrayed’ – make of it what you will!

Speaker’s Corner Organised by Warwick District for Europe, Christian Seogaard (University of Warwick) gave an interesting lecture about the impact of Brexit on trade with our major trading partners inside and outside the EU. A week later we hosted a lecture in Stratford from Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Institute for Education and Research. He talked about the possibility of getting a People’s Vote and what steps it would entail. Finally we joined forces once again with WD4EU and hosted Andrew Adonis at North Leamington School to talk on the subject of ‘The Only Good Brexit is No Brexit

People’s Vote March – October 2018

With thanks to our fantastic ‘transport’ team who did a great job of organising coaches to London with collecting points all round the Stratford area, 5 coaches took a total of 261 people to London to demonstrate in favour of a People’s Vote, joining with 700,000 other protestors from across the UK and beyond.

Stratford4Europe and SODEM

Stand of Defiance European Movement was started by Steven Bray in September 2017. Like so many people, he’d felt ignored and unrepresented since the referendum just over a year before. The protests where hundreds of thousands had taken to the streets to demonstrate how they felt, had largely been ignored by both government and the press. Steven organised a Day of Action which has now developed into a daily vigil at Westminster, everyday that Parliament sits. Stratford4Europe members have been down to join in the action on several occasions during this autumn session, making their voices heard. In Steve’s words “It’s not a done deal…..”

Stratford Petition for a People’s Vote

Good news! The deadline for the petition has been extended to the 30th November 2018. You can use the following link or enter it into a search engine to get directly to the relevant page: S4E_PeoplesVote. We also have a paper copy – if you would prefer to sign this way please contact us at and we can arrange that for you.


Michael Dougan (Professor at Liverpool University) will be returning to speak in Stratford on Tuesday 27th November at Stratford Upon Avon School.

Edward McMillan Scott (former MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament) will be speaking to us at Stratford Upon Avon College on Thursday 6th December.

Stratford4Europe Open Meeting – on Monday 3rd December you are invited to join us at 7.30 pm in the Wesley Hall at Stratford-upon-Avon Methodist Church. This will be your opportunity to catch up with the latest news of the national ‘People’s Vote’ campaign as well as our own activities. More importantly, this will be your chance to share your own ideas for how we can improve our local campaign. Do please come and join us if you can.

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