Open Letter to College Students: Why Should Brexit Matter To You?

Did you know that on the 29th MARCH 2019:

  • you are going to be stripped of your existing rights to travel freely in 27 other countries across Europe?
  • as well as have your existing rights to study and work in these countries taken away from you?
  • that many of the jobs you might wish to do may have relocated abroad?
  • not to mention that this country will be able to ditch many of the European laws that this country currently signs up to concerning protecting the environment, preventing global warming and ensuring food safety?
  • or that, worse still, Britain will be isolated and left out in the cold with no voice in Europe and a diminished voice in the world?

These are just some of the reasons why Britain leaving the European Union will matter to you.

Stratford4Europe believes that it is unfair that this government plans to take away your rights as an European citizen without your say.  For that reason we believe that you should have a ‘People’s Vote’ on any deal from the Brexit negotiations.   And we believe, that if you don’t like the Brexit deal on offer, you should be able to protect your rights by voting for Britain to remain in the EU.

Currently we are petitioning our local Council in Stratford to support a ‘People’s Vote’.   Just 1,000 signatures will enable us to present the case for a ‘People’s Vote’ to a full meeting of the Council.   But we need your help.  We only have a short time until the 30th NOVEMBER 2018 to collect the number of signatures we need.

If successful, our petition will oblige the Council to send a clear message to our MPs from the people of Stratford that Parliament needs to give the people, and especially young people like you, the final say on our future relationship with Europe.

Full details of the ePetition along with details of how to sign it are on the Council’s website.  You can use the following link, or enter it into a search engine to get directly to the page you may need to register before signing which takes just a few minutes.

Anyone who studies in the District, including under 18s, or lives, is a home owner, is a business owner or works in the District can sign the petition.

At stake is your future so please make your voice heard!  Please sign our petition.

Stratford-on-Avon for Europe, or Stratford4Europe for short, is a local cross-party, grass-roots organisation made up entirely of volunteers which has been campaigning since the 2016 referendum for Britain to play a leading role within a strong and united European Union.

For further information about our campaign please contact us at:




Twitter: @stratford4eu

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