Brendan Donnelly urges MPs to stand up against Brexit

Brendan Donnelly , a former MEP, diplomat and writer, is now the director of a prestigious research institute on European affairs. He will be speaking at the invitation of the local, pro- EU group, Stratford4Europe at a public meeting at Stratford upon Avon School on Wednesday May 17th, starting at 7.00 pm.

Brendan believes that MPs should have the courage of their convictions in the matter of Brexit, and he will speak on the subject “Can and should Parliament stop Brexit?

His view is that Parliament can if it wants to, and should want to if it believes that Brexit will not be in the national interest. There are in Brendan’s view too many MPs who do not believe Brexit is in the national interest but who are too frightened to vote with their better judgement.

Stratford4Europe is a local, inclusive, cross party organisation set up to campaign for Britain to play a leading role within a strong and united Europe.

Jonathan Baker, Chair of its Steering Group, said:

‘Stratford4Europe will be making the positive case for Europe, for Britain’s continuing membership of the EU and for our democratically-elected Parliament to be sovereign in making any decisions about Britain’s future in the world and our country’s future.

‘Ultimately that means our delegated representatives having the final say on Britain remaining in the EU when they vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.’

The campaign group already has a number of further activities organised.

Mr Baker added, “There is growing evidence, nationally and locally, of a swing in public opinion towards remaining in the EU. The latest opinion poll shows a majority think that voting for Brexit was a mistake. There is every likelihood that more and more people will change their views when it becomes clearer exactly what Brexit means in terms of its impact on both this country’s economy and its future security.”

The Federal Trust for Education and Research is a research institute founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge. It has always had a particular interest in the European Union. Brendan Donnelly has been its director since January 2003. He is a former Member of the European Parliament (1994 to 1999). and later worked in the Foreign Office, the European Parliament and the European Commission. He has written a book and numerous articles on the European Union and on Britain’s place in it.

Since the June 2016 referendum Brendan has been a prolific writer and speaker about Brexit and he has been attracting an enthusiastic and growing following. This is a one-off opportunity to hear him and meet him in person in Stratford.

Further information about the Brendan Donnelly event is available on the Stratford4Europe website ( Admission is free but by ticket only bookable in advance through Eventbrite.

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